Hi everyone,

Do you have an idea how to translate this timestamp as I can't find it in Phrases and I'm not even sure if it is responding to Timestamp settings at all (for example, my site is set to 00-24h and that displays ok on other places but not here). I see this on a number of places, like in Advanced Event or Auction app. 

I think it is a setting that displays day of the week, date of the month and time of the day (am/pm) across the entire site and I'm not sure where it's coming from. See attached screenshots.


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Hi Aleksandar Radakovic,

I guess that you mentioned our plugins (YNC adv event and Auction apps). 

We would like to confirm that we do not support Timestamp settings on both these apps. Sorry for this inconvenience. We will consider to improve it in our future upgrade.

Thank you for sharing your opinions.





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That is not a big deal if you don't support Timestamp settings for these apps but the main problem is that these timestamp phrases can't be translated. Days of the week and month cannot eb translated. Can you please fix this?

Thank you.

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