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When I go to admincp and click login, it takes 30 seconds to actualy login and then another 30 seconds to load dashboard. During this time, my website is not functional. I try to load page on my phone and pages doesn't load until admincp is finished loading!!

Why is this? What can I do to fix this?

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check your developer console to see whats causing your website to load slow 

CTRL + Shift + J in chrome or right click and click inspect, reload web page 

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That's the thing... There is nothing in console. Just waiting for cpanel to load. Takes over haf a minute and then it loads. No errors. It seems as it is waiting for response from Because, what takes the longest to load in dashboard is news from phpfox and stats.

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I've already reported the issue here:


Now I get error 500 when I login to admincp

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Jonathan Mitchell

admincp -> appearance -> blocks ->    set block manager to admincp dashboard and disable news....  looks like theres 2 instances for it, News slide and  corporate news and updates