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When any of my members go to look at their site messages they get an error dialog - Error: unable to connect to Im server. any idea what this is?

Im on

4.6.1 (build 2)


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Hi eazydoesit,


It requires server configuration to be able to use this app. phpFox provided 3 options:

+ NodeJS and using phpFox IM hosting service:  You can order our IM Hosting service within AdminCP > Apps > Installed > Instant Messaging > Instant Messaging tab. The monthly fee is $5 per month.

+ NodeJS setting up on your server: please follow this guide

+ Firebase: using Google firebase service:



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ok thank you, i figured out the problem. Somehow ( not sure how ) but the phpfox host url for their im services ended up in the field for it even though its turned off. I turned it on, removed the url and shut it back off and now my members can send each other site messages now. Thanks