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I am running version 4.8 and ever since I installed it I have spam users signing up bypassing all the ban filters, spam filters and the approval process for new members. 

They are even bypassing the captcha controls.

This ease of access for spammers never existed in any previous versions I've used...     Will probably go back to V4.7.10

They are even posting blogs although I have the settings so that only a particular user group can post blogs.



UPDATE:   I have switched back to 4.7.10...   don't have the time to waste figuring out this issue.   :-)

UPDATE:  Aug 12:   Seems to have resolved itself by upgrading from 4.7.10 to 4.8 rather than direct 4.8

Terry Mitchell

Toronto, Canada

Last update on August 12, 9:49 am by TorontoGuy.
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