I cant find any documentation on this 




Its asking me to make sure i have message queue and a cron sorted. 

Well the cron job is already done from soemthing else but what is this message queue about ? 

Do i need to have it ? 

Also whats the asset transfer about, can anyone shed some light on this please. 

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Hi Vanucci,

We would like to confirm that it is a new feature of 4.8.0, phpFox supported to define the place to store user data (Video, photo) and the place to store assets file (such as static files (JS, CSS)). 

After the define the new places, you need to transfer the current data from the old place to the new one by [Transfer file] action.

1- To transfer storage: please select the new storage system that you want to transfer  https://prnt.sc/u257r1

2- To transfer assets: Please go to /admincp/setting/assets/transfer/

The above transfer requests (1,2) will be managed by Message Queue and will be scheduled by cronjob. This is the reason you need to configure the cronjob and message queue before starting transferring files.


Back to your question: 

- Message Queue is a queue of processing tasks, it stored in the queue until they are processed and deleted. In phpFox, the processing tasks should be: send emails, encode a video, transfer storage request, transfer assert request, update activity points....


For more information, please refer https://www.phpfox.com/blog/2020/phpfox-4-8-0-official-release/




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thank you for the explanation 

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