Hi all, 

I know there is an existing thread for this, but it was never resolved so I am making a new one. 

I am trying to update font awesome form 4 to 5. 

I understand you need to update the .css files saved here /PF.Base/theme/frontend/default/style/default/css/font-awesome/css to the new .css files that can be downloaded from Font Awesome.

In that folder there are two files, font-awesome.min.css and font-awesome.css. So i simply replaced these files, with their newer couterparts and edited the name of them to be the same (the newer ones didn't have the hyphens in between the words). Futhermore, there were loads of other files in the download including solild.css and solid.min.css, which i ignored assuming they would be included in the main file. 

This didn't work clearly, and I am trying to understand what I did wrong! Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks,


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