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Hello guys , just came here to give you the best software I found to translate phrases of phpfox. It`s very ez, and free. Google translator it`s included in the software. 

- Open the file, its an exe file. You dont have to install anything.
- Search for xml file of phpfox which contains the phrases, copy into a folder named "original", and into another folder named "translation"
- Then open the original file in the software, once is loaded, open the "translation" file. On the top of the software you have to choose the original language, and the translated language you want to create. You can also use "shift" key, to select multiple lines and then  auto translate with google. Sometimes google translator doesn`t translate very well, so I suggest you just to review the lines. But this can save you a lot of time. Hope you find it useful. Have a nice day guys!

Last update on August 17, 6:42 pm by Alexander Frez Prado.

Hi Alexander Frez Prado,

Thank you for your suggestion. By the way, Google translator is an end-user tool so we could not use it on phpFox development.

You can export phpFox's language phrases to Xls file and using this tool to translate and then import it to phpFox again.