Hi, i know i can change the phrase for a specific word "variable" for phpfox but what it i wanted to add a phrase for a specific page. for example i want to change the Attending to Who's Going. but just for the highlighted section.

I do not know what to edit to ponit this section to a different "phrase" How do i find the file in the sea of files to edit. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

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Hi Rich,

We would like to confirm that Attending on the top and Attending on the bottom of your screenshot using the same phrase. So if you want to add a new phrase for a specific place (yellow color on your screenshot), please do customization to implement it.


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I am aware that the 2 spot use the same ohrase. that is why i would like to create a  new phrease for the highlighted are that displays something else. This forum was a good place to get help from others that have been through the same issues. I guess that is not the case now. Thanks for your help.

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