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Why does it take so long to upgrade a website with the phpfox new files?  It takes over 6 hours to update files by FTP.  That is just ridiculious.  I wish that PHPFox would have only the necessary changed files needed to upload and update instead of all of the files.  This is becoming really BAD for updating your website and having it to be down for over 6 hours just for some upgrade.

Is there a better, faster way to upgrade a site with the new PHPfox files?  I am using CrossFTP and FileZilla to update.

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Hi kian,

It was not a normal process if it took over 6 hours for upgrade. It may relate to your network connection or the bandwidth of your server.  Could you please check with your hosting provider?

Besides, please let us know:

1. Did you finish your upgrade process? Did you get any other issues?

2. The total time to download phpFox scripts and unzip on your server?



Last update on September 7, 10:57 am by Hannah.
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It seems like it takes about the same amount of time for the upgrade each time I do an upgrade.  What is the normal process of an upgrade?  How long does it usually take?  There are a lot of files to upload and overwrite.

1.  Yes, the upgrade process finished without any problems.  I did not get any other issues.

2.   It took less than a minute to download the phpFox files and about the same to unzip.

I usually download the phpFox on my computer and unzip them.  When upgrading, I use Filezilla or CrossFTP as the FTP program to upload the fils to my hosting server.

My hosting companty I am using is arvixe.

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Hi kian,

It takes a lot of time in the process to copy the files from your local computer to your server.

We would like to suggest you download the phpFox script (zip file) to your server directly, and then unzip and merge the source code on your server. Please do not download phpFox script to your computer and upload it to your server again.

Please try for the next upgrade and let us know the result.



Last update on September 8, 4:29 am by Hannah.
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Thank you for the information, Hannah.

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