Is there a way to stop new posts to groups going to the main feed.  I do not want peoples friends to see friends posts if they are not part of the group that the new post was added to.  Hope that makes sense.

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Hi William Brock,

We are sorry that phpFox does not support this feature. We would like to add this suggestion to our list and it will be considered to implement it in the near future.

Btw, if you want to implement it right away, please submit a ticket for customization service so that we can process which incurs additional cost.



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That is such a basic feature and PHPFox should consider doing it on priority at no cost.. all members on the site see feed from all groups though they haven't joined the group.. 

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What about secret groups...does that work?


yes secret and private work, they do not show to friends or community on main feed. 


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