I updated to the latest version of phpfox last week. Now when someone shares multiple photos on my site actionshootingnetwork.com and you view said photos there is no next button or any way to navigate to the next picture in the share. the only way to see them is to go back to the home page and click the next picture. If there is more than 4 pictures then you can see any that are not viewable from the home page.this started after the update and photo app update. you can find examples on actionshootingnetwork.com anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Hi Rich,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We apology for this issue on your site. We'd like to inform you that it will be fixed in our next release is coming soon.



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Rich, sorry everytime I go to your site this drives me crazy.  Hopefully this helps make your logo a little bigger.

Go to edit your theme and click on the CSS menu. The go to the bottom of the code and add the following and then click save.

.site-logo .site-logo-link .site-logo-icon > i {

    height: 48px; }

If later on your having issues you can just delete those few lines and go back to the old way.

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