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Hello.  Sms Verification to the Member.  Send Sms to the member.  The menus should be added.


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you have to have a service for SMS not just turn on the feature..


Enable Registration using SMS ServiceYES or NO

and below this you will see drop down for what service you are using for sms service ?




are you using and signup for these services ? added API account info etc

example if you signup for Nexmo

you need to add 

Nexmo API KEY____________________________

Nexmo API Secret__________________________

Nexmo Phone Number______________________

if you did not signup you need one of the 3 services to use this feature or it will not work 

just FYI




Hi Social Media,

Totally agree with spirog, please register an SMS service and do the configuration for it:


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Hi Social Media,

One thing, when we sign up with a phone number, the system will be sent a verification code via your phone. And when your user inputs the verification code successfully, he becomes a member of your site. Your user can use resend verification feature on the front end. It means that the admin no need to use [Resend Verification Mail] feature because we do not have his email.





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I guess you got me wrong. I want these as an additional feature in Member Options. 1) Resend the SMS verification code to the member. 2) Send sms to the member on the screen that opens. 3) Recording setting via Mail Only, Phone only or Both.
Extra features such as are required. Also send my password via sms etc.


Social Media,

Good idea...also in Hannah response, she admits that we don't have their email now so where to all the notifications go?

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