To date, I have found what I believe may possibly be glitches in YouNetCo's Facebook Clone theme:

1. If I enter text in a shoutbox, and then click on the three little dots that are located just to the left of the shoutbox, the little options menu is sliding out UNDERNEATH the contents in the middle content area, so that I cannot even see what the various options are.

2. When I scroll down on the home page, the blue "Return to Top" arrow is partially hidden underneath the top left corner of the chat window, no matter how wide I make my web browser window.

3. The "See All" link in the top right corner of the web browser window, to the right of the "YOUR PAGES" heading, does NOT work, unless I use my mouse to scroll down a little bit. As soon as the scroll bar moves down a little, the "SEE ALL" becomes an active, clickable link, and it works. But if I scroll back up to the very top of the page, "SEE ALL" is no longer a clickable link.

4. As we have already discussed, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links on the Sign Up screen are not working, although they DO work when I switch to the Material theme.

Here is the Shoutbox options menu hidden under the middle content column:

It stays like this no matter how wide or narrow I make my web browser window:

When the scrollbar is at the very top of the page:

After I scroll down a little ways:

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Hi Bill Kochman,

Thank you for your feedback.

We would like to confirm that item 1and 2 are our issues, we will fix in in our next release. 

For the item 3, and 4 could you please open a ticket and provide us your site information so we can check and hotfix for you?



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Hanh, I just replied to your latest email. It will give you everything you need to fix these issues. Please also see my newest post  here:

It may possibly also be related to your Facebook Clone theme.

Thank you.

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