Bill Kochman

Yes, here I am again with another issue to be resolved. :)

Last night I was uploading images one-by-one to a help page on my site, using the drag and drop method.

Everything was going well, when all of a sudden, an image appeared distorted after I had uploaded it. What I mean by "distorted" is that it was magnified, so that the entire image did not fit in the frame on the page, as the previously uploaded images had done.

However, if I click on the distorted image, and it opens in a new page, then it appears normal.

Please note that all of these images are the exact same size, the same image format -- PNG -- and are in fact clones of each other, which I made in Adobe Photoshop CC. Other than different content, they are all pretty much identical.

Deleting the image, and re-uploading it did not help. Furthermore, all images uploaded to the page after the first distorted image appeared the same way, meaning they were blurry and did not fit fully in the page frame.

Even deleting all images from the page and re-uploading them did not help. The same distortion/magnification would occur.

This morning, I decided to take the bull by the horns. So, I deleted all images from the page, and then I deleted the page itself. I then proceeded to recreate the page from scratch.

I got as far as uploading the fourth image when the same distortion/magnification problem began again.

At this point, I have no idea why this is occurring, or how to fix it. By the way, my web server and phpFox are hosted on another iMac running Catalina situation only eight feet from me on my same LAN. So it is not an issue of Internet congestion, data corruption, or anything like that.

Below are two images. The first one is a normal upload, and the second is a bad upload. As you can see, the second image is blurry instead of sharp, and it doesn't all fit in the page frame as it should like the first image.

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Bill Kochman

Well, to add to this mystery, I considered that maybe I had saved some of the images in Photoshop at different resolutions. In other words, 72 dpi for some, and 300 dpi for others. I considered that maybe that was the source of the problem. However, I just opened the last good one that posted on my page, and the first bad one that posted on my page. As I mentioned earlier, they are basically clones of each other. In fact, all 81 graphics for that page are clones of each other. they have the same size in pixels, the same resolution, the same basic elements. There is nothing substantially different between any of them, other than the actual text content.

And here is the real kicker. I just went to my own profile page, and I posted ten of the very same images as a test. All 10 of the images posted without a single problem.

As I mentioned earlier, I even deleted that entire page and started from scratch; and yet the problem still occurs. I have also rebuilt the theme, cleared the cache, used a few of those other cleaning options in the AdminCP, cleared Firefox's history and cache, and even shut down my web server and rebooted the entire machine. Yet still, this weirdness persists, and phpFox insists on blowing up certain images so that they don't fit in the page frame, and look blurry.

I am totally lost regarding how to fix this issue.


Last update on November 14, 2020 by Bill Kochman.
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