Was trying to find the setting in the Admin control to view all feeds of members. Currently I cant do it.

I can see their profile page and timeline/ etc. There use to be a url-link you could use to check on members. 

Im on v4.8.0 .



Hi bamafanz1,

We would like to confirm that there are no settings so that the admin can control all user's feeds, please consider implementing this custom work if needed. 



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Thanks Hannah, 

It would seem though if you buy a license for a network,  that you should be able to see all content on your site.

The thing is a spammer or hacker, could be in your site posting harmful links in your pages, groups, profile pages,feeds etc. 

You would be unaware of this until its too late. 

This is one thing I dont like about PHPFOX. 

Hopefully one day, they will see this needs to be a standard option when you purchase a license.

Just my opinion.. Thanks Hannah.