Hello everyone,
I redeemed the same topic to avoid duplicating content.
Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to implement this in the current version of phpfox 4.8.2?
Thanks for listening
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Menu items: Profile, Info and Friends are hard coded at [YourTheme]/html/profile.block.pic.html.php

I am pretty sure webwolf's hack would not work now as they do not use a case statement this time.

Is there a specific order you are trying to acheive?

I see you have been here a long time....glad to see your back :)


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Hello JohnJr, thanks for the receptivity.
Yes I have been a phpfox client for a long time. I have already gone through several versions and now I am starting a new project with version 4.

However, from what I saw, everything changed, some things for the better and others still need to improve, but I am a phpfox customer since 2008 and I intend to continue with it.

Answering your question yes, I need to order this menu in a way, but this file just writes the result of what has already been processed in php.

Example today the menu displays a logical profile, info, friends, photos, videos etc.

I need to change this logic by being profile, photos, videos, info and etc.

Version: phpfox 4.8.2

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Not sure as this might make duplicate menu items as mine or the demo does not have photos and videos on the profile.

Go to that file I told you and look for

<li>             <a href="{url link=$aUser.user_name}" class="{if $sModule == ''}active{/if}">                 <span class="ico ico-user-circle-o"></span>                 Profile             </a>         </li>

and make a carriage return to make a space and then paste the following.

<li>             <a href="{url link=''$aUser.user_name'.photo'}" class="{if $sModule == ''}active{/if}">                 <span class="ico ico-photo"></span>                 Photos             </a>         </li>                 <li>             <a href="{url link=''$aUser.user_name'.video'}" class="{if $sModule == ''}active{/if}">                 <span class="ico ico-video"></span>                 Videos             </a>         </li>

Remember this will be written over during any upgrades so write it down and make a copy of the original file in case you make a mistake.

Let me know if it makes a duplicate photo or video menu in the dropdown part of the menu and maybe we can throw an if statement to not show that.

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Ok, for some reason the forum is not registering the code correctly and edit isn't working correctly either.

Where the words Photos and Videos shows in the code, the code there should be

wait I will take a picture.


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Ok thanks for your help, this is a big improvement in phpfox in version 4.8.2. I found the right way by following your help. I changed the order in the final source code of this file and everything worked as I need. This information costs 90 $ that I saved:pray:.


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Hello everyone again.
I was unfortunate enough to say that I had solved this problem, but when you install a new module and it goes on the menu, everything gets complicated again.

If there is a programmer here who is interested in developing a plugin to control this I am willing to pay for this service.

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