This is the site maintenance page. Is there a way to add a background image to just this page? Not a big deal, but would be nice.



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Dear William James,

We would like to confirm that this feature is not available on the phpFox script now. By the way, we will add this feature to our improvement list and it will be considered carefully in our future upgrade. However, if you want to have it now, kindly consider using the customization service of phpFox or any third-party developers.



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Well, you could just add a background image to the CSS and leave some white space above the image so you can see the text.  Here is the image.  Then depending on the height of your image, you will match in your CSS.  You may also want to increase your font size for the text.  The reason I paint brushed the red part in the image was to show you where you need to leave it white in the saved image so you can see the text that you typed in when you toggled the site.  You will need to upload the image to your server and point your background image URL to that image.  You could also just leave the text empty in the toggle area and put the text in the image and then all you have to put in the CSS is the height of the image.

Hope this helps.


Then go to your CSS editor and add the following CSS on your theme at the end of the file.

.offline_message {

    background-image: url(https://yoursitel/maintenance.png);
    height: 350px;
    font-size: 20px;

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Don't forget to clear the Cache and rebuild core theme.

Thanks John!

John, thank you again for always being willing to invest your time in helping fellow phpFox users to customize their sites. Your constant input is much appreciated. :)