Does anyone know if phpfox ver 4.8.2 is compatible with php ver 7.4.3?




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On my development site I am using php 7.3.25  with 4.8.2 and it seems to work with no issues.  Hopefully phpfox will chime in here and give us the final answer.

So 4.8.2 appears to work fine with php 7.4.3.

Install went smooth and no issues after cursory checkout.


on php 7.2  site does n,t load what can we do ?





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Sorry for the late response as I indicated it worked with 7.3.25.  But after reviewing new features I found that phpfox 4.8 does support PHP 7.4.  Thought I would post that as I am about to upgrade my PHP to that.

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I would like to chime in here because over the past few days, I have learned a valuable lesson regarding PHP and mySQL upgrades.

I am currently running phpFox 4.8.5 with zero third party apps installed. I did have one third party theme installed until a few days ago, but 4.8.5 broke some things in it, so I uninstalled the theme, and I am now using one of the built-in themes just to play it safe. I think that is what I will do from now on. My site is run on a 2017 5K Retina iMac running Big Sur 11.3.1.

To continue, four days ago, I decided to upgrade from PHP 7.4.8 to 8.0.5. I also upgraded mySQL to 8.0.24, being as the phpFox developers did say last year that phpFox is compatible with mySQL 8.0.

Well, in a nutshell, the upgrades -- at least the upgrade to PHP 8.0.5 -- was a very bad move on my part. It took me FOUR DAYS to figure out why all of a sudden my site was so broken with 500 internal server errors popping up all over the place and driving me nuts. In fact, I became convinced that my mySQL database had somehow become corrupted. Finding no way to fix it -- even database backups didn't help -- I trashed everything and started from scratch. I freshly installed phpFox 4.8.5 -- not an upgrade from 4.8.4 -- and I also installed fresh copies of PHP 8.0.5 and mySQL 8.0.24, not realizing that I was creating the problems, because I wanted the latest, stable versions of each.

During those four days of frustration, I wrote to the developers of the web server software that I use, because according to an online comment from a phpFox staffer, I had to add a particular HTTP header to my server in order to get rid of the 500 internal server errors. I wasn't sure how to do that, so I wrote to the web server developers.

Well, the web server developers wrote back to me over eight hours ago, and they suggested that I fall back to PHP 7.4.8, because they found no evidence on the phpFox website which indicated that phpFox is compatible with PHP 8.0.5. Lo and behold! I did as they suggested, and a major portion of my web server errors just disappeared.

I still have a few issues I am working on, but it was a major improvement upon returning to PHP 7.4.8. As far as mySQL is concerned, I tried all versions from 8.0.20 to 8.0.24 to see if I could get rid of the remaining problems. Thus far, a few problems still linger.

So, the lesson is clear. Don't be too quick to upgrade your PHP and mySQL installations. Make sure that phpFox is compatible with whatever version you are using. In fact, I am curious to know what version of mySQL the phpFox staff run on their machines.

I hope this comment helps someone.


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Bill, sorry for your issues.  It has happened to me in the past.  Lucky for me it occurred right after I upgraded my PHP so I knew what it was.  That is why now,  I wait for a few mini upgrades (4.8.2 to 4.8.5) before I trying the max PHP version allowed (I went back to 7.3.28).

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UPDATE: Paul from the phpFox staff wrote to me a few hours ago, and he also confirmed that I should fall back to PHP 7.4.8. So that is two confirmations from two reliable sources. :)

UPDATE: Paul from the phpFox staff wrote to me a few hours ago, and he also confirmed that I should fall back to PHP 7.4.8. So that is two confirmations from two reliable sources. :)