Hello everyone, please if anyone knows how to change the order of the blocks so that on mobile or tablet and he obeys the order from left to right.

Example I need the items in block 1 to remain on top and then the items in block 2.
On the desktop ok.

On mobile, he moves to the right side and this needs to be changed.

I searched the forum and found nothing and also in the documentation

Topics: block, mobile
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Carol Le

Hello there,

As of now, we do not support order of the blocks for mobile.

Please be advised that the orders will be prioritized for the block that is in the middle of the screen first, and the sideblocks will be hidden or moved to the bottom. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

However, we have a plan for the improvements for mobile web in phpFox V5 version. A beta version will be releasing in 2021, you can keep an eye on our blog at https://www.phpfox.com/blog/ to stay updated. 



Last update on December 18, 2020 by Carol Le.
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