I have been using phpfox based site for almost 5 years now. But still my site is not monetised. It may be that I am short of ideas for thsi aspect. 

Would like to know how you guys are monetising your phpfox based site ? 

I am running a real estate site which is already India's largest community of real estate brokers. But now I need to monetise it.

Looking for your feedback and ideas for monetising the site.

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Hi Naresh, 

We've written an article about "How to monetise online communities" before. 

Please check this link to go through our ideas.

Best Regards,



Thanks for your message. But how can we implement subscription based system on phpfox based site ? Or is there any plugin I will need ?

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Hi Naresh,

If you are running phpfox pro go to members in your admincp scroll to subscriptions and then add a new subscription. You will need a PayPal account to accept payments. Once the new subscription has been added you can then add the "user group" you want to charge. Make sure you have your user group setup. 


OK. Thanks. Any plans for adding more payment gateway options ? Not many people use paypal in India.

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