It would be very nice if a manual use of the ChatPlus settings was available.

Because the functionalities are not clear and we have to go step by step to activate and deactivate the functions to find out what it does.

Is this feasible or is there a manual on CHATPLUS?

Thanks in advance for your reply and help.

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Last update on February 6, 2021 by Parvesh Courtet.
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Hi Parvesh

I agree with you. I am considering puchasing chatplus for my network. Since you have got it, what are your intial thoughts. Is it worth having on the site. Does the IM work well. What about audio call, video call and group video chat, how are they performing. Did you get a managed server from phpfox ? I am looking for a managed server, which company would you recommend. Any feedback and assistance would be greatlt appreciated.

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