I tried to configure Addthis on my site. But the KB information doesn´t seem to be complete: https://docs.phpfox.com/display/FOX4MAN/Addthis+Integration

I miss step 2 on that procedure.

No idea what to do exactly.


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Yes, your right they are missing step 2, but did you go to the addthis through the link they provided.  They were only copying their steps.

It looks like all phpfox stuff goes into the admincp for the public id and the inline share button which you get all that info from the addthis site.

Last update on March 18, 2021 by JohnJr.
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Hi, finally I could do it. It was not hard to guess what the 2nd step would be ;-) But anyways, it is not a comple instruction and some people could end up confused about it. 


Hi Gerald, 

Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback.

After reviewing our docenment, we realized that there is no problem with the doc, but it has the issue with the text presentaion, we will fix it soonest.

Sorry for making you confused.

Have a nice day.

Vinny Ms.