I could not find information about how to use the option "disallowed pages" when creatin a new placement or editing it.

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Hi Gerald Bigler,

1. Ad placements will be defined by site admin in AdminCP. When creating an ad placement, site admin will define:

- The placement  (block) to display ads.

- The "disallowed pages": it is the pages that the ad-block does not display. If you do not select any disallowed pages, the ad-block will be displayed on all sitewide (all pages).

- The price of this placement

2. When a user creates an ad, the user needs to select a specific ad placement.

With the above process, we can define a different price for a different position on specific pages to put the ads on. For example, the price to put ads on the top banner on the home page will be different from the price to put ads on the bottom banner of other pages.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or any concerns.




Hello Hannah,

thanks, that sounds great to me! But I could not select any page from the select box as "disallowed page" .. how woult it look like during this process, when I select as a disallowed page?


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