Bill Kochman

I use the Facebook Clone template.

On the home page of the web version of phpFox, in the "Site Statistics" section -- which is block #6 in the top right corner of my home page -- it shows the number of current online users. However, it does NOT show an actual list of who those online users are.

For me personally, knowing who these online users are is very important, particularly if I am conducting tests with a CSNet member, or with a phpFox staff member.

If I click on the "Members" link in the "Explore" section of the menu that is located to the left of the main content area on my home page, it does show a list of "Recently Active" members, but even that does NOT show a list of CURRENTLY active members.

So, I think it would be great if you would add functionality to the "Site Statistics" section on the home page in the web version, so that when a user clicks on the number, it actually shows a list of who those currently online members are.

There should likewise be a way to display this same info in the app version of the site as well.

Thank you.


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