Hello everybody,

I have a very general but for me very important question:

How do you beat Facebook as a competition? I keep hearing that niche portals don't stand a chance because Facebook offers everything and can do everything and is free. I wonder how you can hold your own platform against Facebook and make money with your community portals? I'm a little at a loss how to actually make money with the software (phpfox)? I'm happy about every tip and link to platforms from you to see how you did it. How many members did you get on your portals? How does it all work for you and what can you really earn with it? I live in Austria and yes, we are certainly not as IT savvy as you are in the USA :-) Thanks for your tips and practical experience!

best regards

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And what do you think about kajabi and buddyboss as competition? I would like to offer something like this:  "rent your community" .. so I buy the software, set up a community platform for others who rent that community platform from me. But then I have kajabi and buddyboss and also facebook as my competitors...how can I beat them?

Thanks for your ideas :-) 

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Gerald - The good newss is that it IS possible to make a good income using phpFox or Social Engine. My advice to you, is stick as close to the core script as possible, and only use apps from one or 2 "strong" developers.

For one, your site may never get to be as big as facebook, so stop looking at facebook as a competitor. Niche is the way to go, I dare say that business niche IS the way to go. Over the last 13 years, I have lived a decent lifestyle building and selling websites based on phpFox. Most of the sites that I have built and sold were complete niche - business and career sites. In the following example, I will show you how my business plan works, and you can replicate it to your hearts content. For this exaercise, I will use "Austria Business Network" - http//www.austriabusinessnetwork.com (WHICH ACCORDING TO WHOIS - Has not been registered) #RunAndRegiterIT

Tools you will need:

1. Active phpFox Licence

2 Domain Nme

3 Hosting ( Interserver.Net has a $1 hosting for 3 month, https://www.interserver.net/webhosting/1for3.html?id=419715&fbclid=IwAR2FxQw3vqqBwcge6R2ZDCXcj4YxcDfFwSSItjgq499FSJCxt59RNVcNQCE )

4 A LinkedIn.Com Account with sales navigator (1st Month is FREE)

4. An Octopus CRM Account for LinkedIn Lead Generation ($9.99 Per Month. I believe they have a free trial too)

5. A paypal account.

6 YouNetws business addons

I just checked my linkedin business account and I have 8,130 2nd Level LinkedIn connections in Austria, and I don't even live close to there, so you probable have a gazillion which is good.

Once you create the website, register your company if required by law, then you create an amazing profile on LinkedIn with yoru Title as Founder & CEO at Austria Business Network - https://www.austriabusinessnetwork.com ; - Use the exact format because LinkedIn gets spidered by Google in ever language that is supported by LI.

Next, create an eye catching LI messgae and let and Octopus start connecting with people on LI. The business mind is a funny one. Business Owners and CEOs will connect with anything that says CEO or Managing Director, and more so one that say Business Network. Everybody know that your network is your networth.

Set Octopus to target 100 connections a day, and if you have a good story on your profile, you should covert connections at a 20% rate.... Have to go out for a bike ride, but watchout for Part 2. 

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Good Morning (Austrian time) :-)

Thank you so much for the valuable content and the tips and advice! I am very curious about part 2. I am also curious to find out which topics your portals are dedicated to, which target groups you can reach with it and how you can ultimately earn money with it (advertising, affiliate, memberships?). What is currently still difficult for me is to find arguments why my customers should have me create their own portal (with Phpfox) at all, when there are countless powerful tools on Facebook that are often free.

But I see Kajabi and Buddyboss as much more of a competition if I want to offer PHPfox as a solution for community portals. How do you see it?

I see the following ways for me to implement projects with PHPfox:
Either I create individual niche community portals, business portals (maybe phphfox can even be a solution for home offices?) On request and for rent and I offer administration and technical support, or I create my own topic portals (but which topics?) and build a community on these topic portals. Then work with affiliate programs and earn money with advertising. I think you will hardly be able to earn money with memberships, or have you had other experiences with it?

But so far I also have the feeling that phpfox is not performing optimally. Without even having members there are long loading times (even all requiremements and recommendations are fullfilled by the server), I think effective SEO is not really possible, the landing page cannot be designed ideally, the newsletter tool does not work well enough either (with only 4 test users it took forever to get the emails, besides the mails ALWAYS end up in spam, even if my address is in the address book of the recipient), Chat does not load messages quickly, I have not yet had any experience with Livestream and Chatplus. I have the feeling, even though I have the Ultimate Version, that the tool is "out of date" and cannot compete with the competition from Kajabi and Buddyboss. Maybe I am wrong?
And I'm still not sure which server solution really works.
Thank you for every hint and every idea that can help me here.

With best regards

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