Jonathan Mitchell

Need a way to remove or disable the option for [Friends of Friends] for photos/videos upload.

Whats the point of setting the community to Friends Only when this option overrides it.

Friends Only community only removes the option for Everyone, but with a large community, [Friends of Friends] is basically the same as Everyone.

can anyone help? I'm ok with a core change if need and understand it would be overwriten with an upgrade..

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Not sure as it might affect more than just the photo area but the easiest would just remove that option for the drop-down box.  Remember everyone besides Jonathan ;) --that this will be over-written with any update or upgrade.


Remove or Grey out from line 43 - 46

            $aPrivacyControls[] = array(                 'phrase' => _p('friends_of_friends'),                 'value' => '2'             );

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