I thought this was fixed previously and I forgot about it or maybe I forgot the setting because I already did a hack to get rid of the plus icon already for those areas.  So I don't allow unpaid users to post blogs, events, videos, music, and photos on the main menu or feed.  But, I do allow it on pages and groups.  So of course, I hide the menus for these individuals.  But, when they add a blog in pages and groups or any other area they see the URL

and it easy to figure out to remove ?module=groups&item=62

So now they can type/copy and paste

 and add blogs, events, videos music, and photos in the main area.  What kind of security/control is that.

Their should be a dropdown box option in each of the modules user setting listed above for the following setting.

Can add a new blog?

-Entire Site

-Main (not pages or groups)

-Pages and Groups only


Last update on April 29, 2021 by JohnJr.


Would you like to share your site url ? What is your monetisation strategy ?

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Not an issue.

Last update on July 15, 2021 by JohnJr.
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