Bill Kochman

This is a general message to the phpFox staff.

Folks, please stop announcing new phpFox updates/releases before they are actually available to phpFox Admins.

This is not the first time that this has happened. It has happened a number of times before.

I was just in my AdminCP panel when I noticed that there was a new notification in the notifications menu. The notification says:

"phpFox version 4.8.5 is officially released."

So, I clicked on the link in the notification, and it took me to a new web page which says:

"Sorry! There is nothing here."

So why announce it then and get us excited, when the update is not even available yet? Please STOP doing this. Wait until the release is actually uploaded to your server and made available, BEFORE you post a notification in our AdminCP notifications menu.

Thank you for your consideration!


It was there for me?  Maybe the link is goofed up but if you go into your client account it should be there or it is there now.  90% of the time we have the download before the announcement.  I very much doubt the person who uploads the download or sets it up is the same person who works in updating the blogs/communications.  I would guess that the coders are outside the U.S. and the communication/front office is in the U.S.  It makes sense with the timezone difference as it always been like this.

Last update on May 10, 2021 by JohnJr.
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Dear Bill and all valued customers,

We are so sorry for this annoyment. We commit that we will fix our released process so that this issue does not happen in the future.

Best regards,


Bill Kochman

Thank you, Hannah. I appreciate the diligence of you and your staff. :thumbsup: :smile:

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