Is it possibe to back date my post? For example today I have posted some feed but want users to see like it was posted 2 years ago.

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Not sure how experience you are with databases.  I am not sure where your are posting too?  You could post something unique like Mississippi River Boat and then search the entire database to find out which table it is located in.  I did it on the home page feed and it was located:

Table:  phpfox_user_status

Field:  content

The field you will change is:

Field: time_stamp (which is unix time)

To convert unix time from and to, go to this website and paste the same format as current in that field.

Website: https://www.unixtimestamp.com/

P.S.  This is a pretty easy fix but I always make a backup of the database just in case.  Good Luck!


Last update on May 31, 2021 by JohnJr.
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Hello JohnJr,

Many thanks for your advise! Have to admit that I faced some problems with your solution. First I didn't manage even to find _user_status table but in reallity it's not an issue. I hoped that there is some normal approach how to backdate posts or maybe some third-party app exists. I want this option to change dates to be available for all users and not only by admin of a site. 

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Sorry, it's there.  I have most of the apps here, and I don't remember any app with that ability.  Maybe a developer will reach out to you for customization for your site.


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