Hello, is there anyone who has bought the premium package who was able to build either

the Android version using Android Studio or the iOS version using Xcode with the directions provided?

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Hi William,

In order to build iOS and Android apps with Premium mobile code by yourself, you can follow our instruction:https://docs.phpfox.com/display/FOX4MAN/phpFox+Premium+Mobile+Code

Hope the above information is helpful for you.

Have a nice day ahead and stay safe!

Vinny Ms.

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After much effort I was able to get the Android build to finish and launch, but there appears to be a problem with the included bundle file.

I get the following error (see image) on both Windows and Mac. Since in the development builds the server is not used, the problem must be with the bundle. (production.bundle file)


I suppose it wouldnt be possible for me to get the JavaScript code to build the bundle myself? Is it possible for you to verify that the bundle file is valid?

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sorry for double post. I would delete this if I knew how.

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