the comments on my site are not keeping the formatting when copying and pasting. I had not had a problem with that until recently. if you take the text below and paste it in a comment it does not keep the paragraphs or formatting. Has anyone seen this any help is appreciated. 

End Of Trail 2021

Wow! CC Top, Deuce Stevens, Cowboy Carty, Lassiter, Misty Moonshine Ruby Ruthless, the many that I do not know, all of the pards that spent every weekend at the range building and painting, the Waddies, the Brass pickers and the guys walking the cooler of water around the range. THANK YOU! You should be immensely proud of the job you did for this match. The amount of stuff that goes on in the background that people do not see is staggering and you guys not only pulled it off you crushed it. I personally would go support you guys again and again. Hats off Y’All from Madame Moog, Myself, and the entire Cracker Crew.

We started out the Saturday before the match and I think Madame thought we were moving with everything she packed, I like to compare it to a game of Tetris but none the les we got the truck loaded and started the wheels spinning. Drove from home to Nashville while there we got to visit with my nephew and his wife who I had not seen in some time. We also met up with The OTJ and Chickie Winsome at the same hotel. It was good to catch up and see Allen and Kristina. Sunday morning, we got up and finished the drive to Etna Green. Through the mountains of Kentucky to the corn fields of Indiana.

We hit the range early Monday morning to catch the early shooter meeting then got on the practice stages. I shot them this time, I don’t usually shoot the warmup matches and I don’t really know why. We shot 8 stages throughout the day Monday. After there was plenty of handshakes and hugs to go around and I got my share let me tell ya. Tuesday more of the same with 4 more practice stages and who knows how many hugs and greetings. Before I knew it the day was gone, and the butterflies set in as I read the stages and came up with my plan. More about plans later.

Main Match
We started on stage 7 that I thought was the toughest stage in the match. It had some movement and 6 knockdowns. I staged my guns took a deep breath, got my beep and 29 seconds it was over and I had officially started my 3rd EoT and let me tell you the nerves weren’t any better. To make it even more nerve-racking Matt Black was on our posse, but I got over it after the 12th stage I shot. Our posse was very efficient, and the brass pickers made it even faster. Madame Moog came to play too. Madame and I have been together for 33 years and she surprised me with her prep and concentration for this match. I hadn’t seen her put together a match like that ever. If I had of executed my plan a little better, she would have had a great match. The plan was to have this specific box of ammo for practice stages but somehow it got worked into main match ammo. Madame did not realize this and used said box of ammo. There was 1 round that did not feed into the rifle causing a jam and leaving 5 unfired rounds. I felt terrible and I knew there was nothing I could say to help. I am terribly sorry Madam. The rest of the crew shot their game some struggled more than others but al in all was a good day 1.

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Hi Rich,

I did check the issue in our testing site and were unable to reproduce the issue as you mentioned, refer my attachment. In this case, I highly recommend you submit a ticket  in our with your site access information and we will help you verify the problem onsite.


Vinny Ms.

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This is odd, because I have been experiencing the EXACT OPPOSITE on my site, which is running phpFox 4.8.6 on a 2017 Retina 5K iMac running the latest version of macOS Big Sur.

Although it has been happening for a while now -- I believe since I updated to 4.8.6 -- I haven't reported it to the phpFox support team yet.

In my case, if I type out a post or comment in a BBEdit text document -- BBEdit is a popular macOS text editor -- and then copy and paste it into a new post on my site, BEFORE actually saving the post, the text appears to have lost its formatting, just as you have described. In other words, all paragraphs are run together without any blank lines between them.

HOWEVER, once I actually save the post, the formatting looks normal. It is really confusing, and really weird behavior.

I noticed that you said "copy and paste". That suggests to me that maybe you are also a macOS user. It makes me wonder if Admins on other platforms experience this apparent bug.

This is now the second bug which has surfaced since I upgraded to 4.8.6. The first one -- which will hopefully be resolved soon -- concerns the apostrophe which is displaying in recent posts as its hexadecimal value, instead of as an actual apostrophe.

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