Whenever I try to update/Install any app , the system ask me fort login and then it land son my admin profile page. Note that I am on Imac and using Safari.

Then I used Chrome to do the procedure and thankfully I coukld update the apps. But even on Chrome , I am unable to install any app ( the apps are showing in my Purchased apps ) from the phpfox store.

Any solution ?

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Hi Naresh,

I would like to inform that this issue may happen on some new updates of browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, etc., due to the enforcement of SameSite cookie and it have been fixed in the phpFox version 4.8.5 so in order to tackle the issue, please help us proceed upgrade your site to phpFox version 4.8.5 or the newest version 4.8.6.

You can follow our instructions here to upgrade your site manually:

Or if you are not comfortable with upgrading by yourself, we do provide Upgrade Service for phpFox. The price of our Upgrade Service is $120.

When doing phpFox upgrade, we will check and disable 3rd-party apps on your site which are not compatible with the phpFox version. You then need to reach out to vendors for help on compatible versions of their apps.

If your site has been customized, all changes in Core files will be lost. If you still want to keep old customization, we recommend you to reach out to phpFox Developers on phpFox Store to upgrade your site:

Also, it is important to note that we are going to back up your site in order to restore your site back in case having any problems during upgrade progress.


Vinny Ms.


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Thanks for your concern. I do the upgrade myself and I have the latest version of phpfox. Finally I deleted the history of Chrome and could install the apps. It seems that the issue is not resolved in the latest version.

Or it may be because of some third party app. 

When I tried to install few apps , on the store it was showing them to be incompatible with the latest phpfox version. Why can't we detect incompatibility of any installed 3rd party app ? I think the phpfox technical team can easily write code for such functionality. This will solve lot of issues of 3rd party apps incompatibility. Also it will encourage 3rd parties to upgrade their apps. I surprised to find that many apps of Younetco is still incompatible with latest phpfox ?

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I know you don't want to hear this as it is frustrating to myself as well but it is what it is.  I am guessing it is a int field that compares the store app version compatibility and your installed version.  Thinking of my own development and always being behind schedule because of lack of money for additional labor.  I am think they find most of phpfox incompatibly while coding and testing , so of course you write that down to fix later but in the mean while you would update that int field. So it seems like they are ahead of the 3rd party apps but it is because they have a had more time with the new version.

Now, when they release the next release they probably go through their apps and change that int field so it says "incompatible with the latest phpfox version" to help us not load apps that will crash our system.  Now remember, they usually take a month or so releasing upgrades and the  3rd party apps probably only get the new version a week or so before the release.  Almost all the 3rd party developers have been around for several years and many of them have dozens and dozens of app they created over several years.  Being that they usually have single owner or maybe several employees like YouNetCo.  But even the companies that have several employee may have 65 apps like YouNetCo, so it takes time.  Remember, they have to at least check every few months, but this latest update change the PHP to 8 which really can affect apps as found out made it even more difficult.

Now remember, this is extra non paid work.  I know it is required and should be, but they may be working on other paid projects and now they have to go through all their apps again.  I can see their issues, and I do appreciate what they do but is frustrating for us as well.

For myself, I have hundreds and hundreds of code changes in every single modules and apps.  I have it all written down, but after I update I need to go through every file and change the code again.  This occurs even if they didn't change/update that file.  It is fine and I have been doing that for years.  Then as each app is upgraded, then I have to go back in and change those files one by one as they are released.  It is a pain, but is what it is and I don't see anyway to improve it.  I though of just upgrading individual files as they do give a list.  But, you never know what routines are ran to upgrade the database or other stuff, so I could through the entire upgrades which writes over every file.

Just a side note, I have informed YouNetCo of specific issues with descriptions of the problems with their apps that I was using, and so far they have updated almost all the one's I was using live with serious issues.  So either I was very annoying or I was helpful in explaining the issue for them to update those specific apps earlier than other apps.  I didn't expect that fast of response knowing they have so many complicated apps.  I would recommend if you find an incompatibility issue with their app, submit a ticket to YouNetCo explaining the issue as they always have been very polite and willing to listen.  Not saying I always get my way, because I don't...maybe 40% of the time if I am lucky.  But if you prove to them there is an issue (I like checking on the their demo site) and compare it to a previous version showing it worked before they usually fix it right away.

Don't hate me...I don't know if you have had experience developing programs, and thought I would give some insight.

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Thanks for your meaningful message. Yes I am into coding again, after 20 years :) . I am developing my next site myself. So I fully understand the pain of a developer :). 

My point is that phpfox can write a script which checkes the versions of installed 3rd party apps and simply notify us. We can disable that app till the version is upgraded. The phpfox is a robust script , but they get bad name because of 3rd party apps. I am still not monetizing so its OK , but if your site is monetizing then its a big issue.


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Totally agree.  They could query the database to check highest tested stable version for 3rd party apps and during the install process pop up a screen to show all third party apps and whether or not they are currently checked for this upgrade and make it like the current install process by giving the option to either shut it off or not before the install.

That would be nice of course.  But, you could also check each 3rd app  as well by opening two screens and on the first screen have your adminCP for purchases and on the other screen have your adminCP Installed apps.  Then click on each purchase link which brings you straight to the app on the phpfox website and see if has been approved for the new version.  If not then go to the other screen and shut it off.  It the back button on the first screen and check the next app....etc.

For me I am lazy and stupid.  I just load it all on my development site and if there is an issue I put the apps in order on the installed page and shut off all the apps that start with the letter A - G.  Then check the site (500 issue)....if ok, then I turn those on and  to the next letters until I find the spot where the app is an issue.

The development site is very important and I always make my development site under a subdomain.  Then I copy the main domain database in the empty subdomain database and do a search (phpmyadmin) for their entire domain name to find out what tables have that domain listed in the records.  Then I run a sql statement (look up find and replace in mysql by table in google) then take that large sql statement and execute it find with in all the tables and now you have the entire main site in the development site to use real world testing.


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Amazing detailed answer by you. Thanks a lot. I hope phpfox people are listening and they will try to make our life a bit easier :).

I am lazier than you so could never understand the coding structure of phpfox. Never got deep into their code , or may be could not understand it :).

I took the more challenging route and started learning php , laravel and javascript. So my next site is being completely developed by me. Its a lot of struggle but satisfying when you are able to code something successfully. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for your support.