Sean Brai

If there is anyone that can help me resolve defective features in this worthless version it would be greatly appreciated. First the message feature stopped working forcing me to purchase an app upgrade just to get it to work and now the groups feature is equally as worthless. When creating a new group the software jumps directly to site error and when you try and open a new group the site doesn't load. I have put to much time and money into this and would like any kind of help that can be given since PHPFOX won't do anything unless you give them more money.

MESSAGES, BLOGS and GROUPS all malfunctioning

Last update on August 11, 2021 by Sean Brai.
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Hi Sean,

I believe that your issue is being checked by our technical team, please wait for the new updates. Thank you so much for your understanding and apologies for this inconvenience.

Have a great day ahead and stay safe.

Vinny Ms.

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Has this been fixed? v4.8.6 was released back in June, I dont know why did I even upgrade, now group links are not at all working.. this should be taken on high priority and you should be releasing a patch instead of making us wait for months together.. how can you even release an upgrade without proper regression testing.. it is costing us a lot now..