I never thought I would be writing a post with so much frustration. 

I upgraded to latest verion of Mobile app, I was given a test build and asked to test it, I tested it and provided few issues which included: 

1) I noticed that some messages in chat are missing. I see the notification of the message but when I click on it I don't see it and after responded it disappears intermittently.. 

2) even after I read the chat message it appears on notification after sometime untill I respond to them. 

along with this I had raised other concerns too, which were fixed. since above issues with notification was intermitted, I didn't see it again, I deployed the app. 

NOW, again I see them in production, when I reach out to support, I have been told that it will be fixed in next version and I have pay for the build again. 

these issues were NEVER there in previous version, how should I be live with this version which is not working properly and why was I told that it wil be fixed in next version only after I went live? I would have been on previous version only if it was told before.. 

I just feeling so helpless because I have invested lot of time and money to build a community using phpfox and we are not getting proper support. :-( 

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Sorry, I wish I could help but I have no clue :(


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Paul Kellow

Dear srny,

Please accept my apology if we have made you confused. 

We would like to confirm that the mobile app version 1.7.5 is having 2 intermittent issues with notifications. Our development team has been working on them in version 1.7.6. We cannot update the fix on your mobile apps for now as they have to be tested carefully first. You should wait for the official release of the mobile app version 1.7.6

And, as our explanation in your Support ticket, your Mobile Build Service was marked as Completed since you have approved the build and distributed them on Apple AppStore Connect and Google Play. In case your mobile apps have to be rebuilt for any further updates, you will need to proceed with a new Mobile Build Service. For more detailed guide about our Mobile Build Service, you can refer to this article: https://docs.phpfox.com/display/FOX4MAN/phpFox+Premium+Mobile+Build+Process

Best regards,


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