Unable to write to temporary folder: /tmp/


I use to simply create my own tmp and editing the installer class. $this->_sTempDir = Phpfox::getLib('file')->getTempDir();


What changed in installer.class.php?

I now see only this. It's missing the old Phpfox::getLib('file')->getTempDir();


     * @var array
    private $_aDefaultApps;

    private $_sTempDir;

    private $_sSessionFile = '';

    private $_hFile = null;

    private $_aOldConfig = [];

    private $_sPage;

    private static $_sSessionId = null;

    private $_sessionPrefix;


How do I fix this?

Another milestone in how annoying phpfox can be.

This is on VESTACPANEL.  I'm pretty sure you know about this issue. It is default. Help?

Last update on October 20, 2021 by Paris.
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