1 - We want to  users approve before they can join  the page. is there an option in  manage page ; " can users must approve before join the page ? " 

2 - we want to some users be read only after joining the page

3 - we wanr to some users be reader + writer in page .

4 - we want these privacies for other sections  like blog  album  quiz and ....

how and where we can see or buy these 



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Last update on October 24, 2021 by hasan.
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Hi Hasan,

Please check your findings as below:

For question 1, kindly note that for Page module, user cannot join the page, they can see and take part in page's activities by liking it.
For 2, 3 and 4, please go to Manage Page>Editing Page>Choose Permissions and set privacy for that page.

Vinny Ms.

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Thank you very much

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Hi !

I mean some thing like this :

When a person request to add a page then admin must approve to  let join .

Like groups 

I  activated groups app and now want to exprience this utility 

Thank you very much 

Last update on April 18, 2022 by hasan.
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Hi Hasan,

If so, please try to enable this setting "Pages must be approved first before they are displayed publicly?".

Have a great day ahead!


thank you very much