Hi! Just noticed in the mobile app that there is no option to send a message to a user without adding the ChatPlus plugin. Is it so? Why?

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Hi Shashank,

Instead of using ChatPlus for mobile app, you can use the Instant Message module to integrate the chat function in your mobile app.


Vinny Ms.


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Thanks for the advice! Could you please suggest the steps for it.


Hello  Shashank,

Regarding IM, you can follow our guidance in this article to set up IM server:

If you aren't comfortable with this setup by yourself, we'd like to propose 2 options:
1. Order our IM Setup service with $60 to install IM on your own server. We will need SSH root access to proceed with this work.
2. Use our IM hosting service, it costs $5/month. With IM hosting service, you don't have to pay for IM Setup Service as you will have server instance configured properly for IM.

Have a great day ahead and stay safe!


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