has anyone out there toyed with creating a custom block that will api in to the app?

Google AdMob won't let me sing up - they say I have a duplicate account and I can't seem how to get that resolved. 

So I was thinking of creating a custom core app that could be used in the appearance blocks like Announcement for example. It calls up to the site and app. I would just want it on the app though not on the website. 

This way I could run my own banner ads as an html block. Maybe I could use it in multiple locations like adding a new block in admincp - one for Top - one for Main - One for bottom. 

I know some basic code but not enough to pull this off. I know it can be done fairly easily... just didn't know if anyone has done this.

I have some other ideas that I feel should be considered.

1. Like a swipeable left - right People You May Know Section up top in the feed. But instead of it being people you may know it's actually featured members. This would make it fast and easy for folks to find others (yes I know there is a members section in the settings but a lot lazy users won't even look there. Like a Discover Box - This could also work in intervals - meaning after 3 posts another Discovery Box swipable for Groups etc. Have an X to hide the box for the end user... they don't want to see the boxes - cool let them hide those. 

2. Advanced Feed needs an api - So that I can leave the feed wide open - meaning everyone sees everyone but end users would have the option to see "Friends Only, Photos only, Videos only etc."

3. One day I would really like to see Stories added to the app. (not the apps that are in the store... like ig style stories) 

4. Like I already stated a custom html block that can be api for Top Main Bottom - all locations not just one. Utilize the access with app admin ads etc. Just like the blocks now you could choose access - who sees those blocks... someone pays for a subcription - they don't see the ad.

It's all about ENGAGEMENT and USER EXPERIENCE. I really think the app needs focus. It's awesome don't get me wrong - great job but it needs some things to get it the end user not just on the app - but to stay there aswell! A feed is great but something to drive activity.

Just my two cents


Last update on November 7, 2021 by lowkey704.
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