To whomsoever it may concern,

Many of us want a new Payment Gateway. But -

1. We don't want to edit the core script.

2. We don't have enough money for the customization.

Suppose phpFox or one of us creates a new post, 10 people shows interest to get "Bank Transfer" option integrated into web,android, and apple apps. 

Now phpFox quotes 2000USD to integrate it into core script, or make a module that doesn't touch core files.

Each of us can pay 200USD and get this feature integrated within a few days.

Beneficial for both phpFox and its Customers, right?

What are your thoughts? What would be the challenges?

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I would rather invest into a crypto transfer option. what good would bank transfer do? No one uses bank transfer on websites, they use a payment gateway or in our case we would prefer crypto, web3 integration.

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