I am on phpFox version 4.8.8

Mobile app version 1.7.6

I created a new About Us page from phpFox AdminCP.

I shared the link via email.

Users opened the email app on their mobile phones and clicked on that link. (Example - www.phpfox.com/newpage)

The link took them to my phpFox website's Mobile app's login or user home page. The link served no purpose.

Frontend Expectations- it should have opened that link in mobile's web browser. OR mobile app's webview. OR at least it should have asked the user whether to open via web browser or phpFox website's mobile app.

Backend expectations - let's think

Last update on December 13, 2021 by Shashank Saxena.
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On mobile browser, if you visit AdminCP, it will take you to the web view of mobile app. You will be required to sign in again. And then in the web view of mobile app, the app download banner will appear and ask you to install the mobile app because it thinks you are on a mobile web browser.

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