The design is not great. You have to go to your main menu - my settings - edit account - that's fine - but then you have to select package for subscription which opens up a window that shows the subscriptions... ok that's fine - they click on the sub you want. Nothing happens. So you press the sub you want again - nothing happens.... USER JUST LEFT - USER DIDN'T SUB.

Turns out there's a check mark up at the top right that most users won't even see. They will then think that pressing the Pkg they want doesn't work and they are gone.

But wait there's more.

Let's say they do press the Check Mark Top Right

It goes back to the Account Settings page. Guess what - they will assume it didn't work correctly - THEY ARE GONE! It turns out that you have to press this tiny check mark again... MOST people wouldn't think of that... THEY ARE GONE!

THERE are WAYYYYYYY too many steps for subscription processing in the app. It's not USER friendly at all... You guys need to create a cleaner way for people to sign up - something much more main streamed. This is rough... I mean the avg user won't figure it out.

APPLE can't even figure it out. I have had to explain the process to get to the subcribe screen several times. 

This needs massive imporvement. Something much much cleaner than what it is now... 

But I imagine that will be available when "Stories" is available...

or when 

Admincp can disable "Email Notifications" 

So.... never...

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