I have been with Phpfox for 14 years. I am not a pro, I am just a hobbist who love to build website to provide useful information to my community. In the last 2 years, I am shifting my site from web based to mobile app based and it is painful to find out that there are no enough contents to learn on the internet about Phpfox mobile.

Phpfox may want to consider to provide tutorial on learning platforms such as Udemy to attract new customers and keep the existing one. I can only find one course about phpfox in Udemy, and it is just a very simple one.

If Phpfox can provide an easier tutorial to integrate user-made app with core pp in mobile app, I think many will be interested in Phpfox again. Just like 10 years ago when we had a lot of good contributor like Purefan, etc.

What do you think?


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Hi Koern,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We note your suggestion and our team will consider it carefully.

Have a great day!


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