Im trying to migrate to another host and my phpfox is site is 187 gigs. I only have about 30,000 users but my site has been around for over 10 years. trying to clean things up and Im seeing a folder in my home directory called

.trash (  /home/*******/.trash ) see ATTACHED IMAGE!

It has a lot of files in it. Anyone know what this is and can I delete it?

Also any other advice on cleaning up my site before migration would be helpful

I also have about 25,000 profiles I need to delete but deleting them through admin is taking forver. 

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Hello eazydoesit,

This folder .trash ( /home/*******/.trash ) not belongs to phpFox source code so if there is no site on the server except the phpFox site, yes, it could be deleted.

About deleting users, we can help you delete the spam users via custom work which incur additional cost as long as you can provide us the list of the remaining users. If you are interested, kindly open a new ticket via our client area: , then our team will get in touch with you shortly.

Btw, in order to prevent the spam users, you can have a look at the below blog articles:





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