Dear phpfox community and administration! I'm from Ukraine! Russia kills Ukrainians, destroys Ukrainian cities with rockets and bombs, rapes and burns women and children - these barbarians and occupiers from Russia want to completely destroy Ukraine. You will always find all the war crimes of Russia on the Internet. I am from Zaporozhye and at this time, when writing this post, an air raid alarm sounds on the street. I don't know what will happen to me and my family in the future - the main thing is to stay alive. But Ukrainians in this difficult time do not lose heart and defend Ukraine with all their might - every Ukrainian tries to do something useful to protect Ukraine. The US, UK, Poland and other countries are helping Ukraine with military aid. To create a website with a mobile application to help refugees and volunteers (license upgrade from PRO + to ULTIMATE), I need your help via paypal: websistema2013@gmail.com

Glory to Ukraine - Ukraine will win and survive!

ps: Request to phpfox administration - don't delete this post!

With respect

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I have opened my site to the people of Ukraine so they can register and post their status and let people know that they are well or their current conditions. Spam guards are in place so when they register they need to use an accurate email address and then check their emails so they can verify and sign on. There is a 3 day time limit before the registration is cancelled so people need to check their email and verify quickly. I have created a group and have attempted to put my postings in English and Russian(sorry, I don't know any Ukrainian dialects). It's called Ukrainian Survivors(Украинские выжившие). Hope my cyrillic is ok there(courtesy of Google Translate).

You can visit it at https://www.myfreeviews.com(My Free Views)

I hope this helps. I pray for the good citizens of Ukraine and their survival.


Thank you very much for your desire to help the people of Ukraine. But the site must be in Ukrainian and with an administrator and moderators from Ukraine. I want to raise funds to upgrade my license from PRO+ to ULTIMATE. I need to create a website with a mobile app, through which volunteers and refugees could communicate with each other, look for friends and help from other people. The domain name has already been bought, in Germany I will rent a server - but I see no point in launching a site without a mobile app. Those wishing to help through paypal - use the mailbox websistema2013@gmail.com. I will definitely write about all the caring members of the phpfox community who will help me update my license on the site page.

Glory to Ukraine - Glory to the Hero!

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