UPDATE:  July 3, 2022

The maintenance team has updated my license to reflect the domain I am now using.

Thank you everyone for your comments and to the maintenace crew for responding to the situation



I don't know where else to put this.    I've tried setting up a ticket but the support group just tells me it isn't a serious priority because I don't have a maintenance membership even though the problem is with the phpfox website and not mine.

When you go to look at the new phpfox website 'services' where it lists your licenses, the old site used to provide an option to change the domain you have assigned to the license.   The new website does not allow that...

This is a screen capture of the website....  as you can see there is no option to change the domain name assigned to the license involved.



Can anyone in the forum group get through to the main site maintenance people regarding this.....  they keep wanting to have access to my site when it has nothing to do with my site.


Thank you


Terry Mitchell

Toronto, Canada

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Yes...that is a big mistake on their part.  I checked as well and there is no area to change your domain.  Will send in a ticket as well.

Marc C

Same on this end. Someone on high needs to enable that option. It's in their WHMCS Licensing Add-on.


Hi All,

We noted the issue and please be assured that it will be fixed within this week. However, for those who want to update the new domain in the Client Area right now, please contact us by opening a ticket at: , then we will help you change it manually as a temporary solution. We also deeply apologize for this inconvenience.

Have a great day ahead and stay safe!