I have been trying to figure out what's up with bootstrap.css.

When someone posts a link to an article the desktop layout is a little funky since upgrading.

The image is 200px wide and tall - the descripton looks forced right. I just want to change one simple line to tellt he max-width to go from 200px to 100%

For some reason it's like I can't edit the file - it won't save or something... Is the file locked somehow?

I have tried to add this code

._app_link:not(.shared_feed) .activity_feed_content_link .activity_feed_content_image, .feed_link_content_preview .activity_feed_content_image {
  max-width: 100% !important;

to bootstrap.css and it just vanishes... I clear cache and refresh and the code has reverted to back to 200px 

I don't get it.





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Hi !  Is this happening on 4.8.10 ?

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The lastest update. I am not sure what I need to do... I am not sure if it's just automatically overwriting my input... but I am just trying to change the max width for the pic... if I change it (testing in firefox) the picture resizes. If I upload an edited bootstrap.css file - clear cache and test - somehow it's reverting back to 200px wide instaed of 100% as I edited it to be.


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Just copy it to the css editor in the theme and that way it won't get written over even on upgrades.

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yeah I tried that already... it's picking up the code from my aws - where my assest are. I edited the file and deleted the original file from aws. Uploaded the new bootstrap.css file and cleared cache.... somehow it keeps coming up 200px for max width. I can clearly see where the css file is being called from as well. I am going directly to that folder and deleting bootstrap.css 

My site goes out fo wack and then I upload the edited version - rebuild - clear cache and 200px shows back up. 

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this is bootstrap in the material theme btw


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I give up - lol... it's driving me crazy... 

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