Hi, for my former installation 3.x there was a cool description on a single sheet what to do to setup a development site, step by step. For the Version 4.x I did not find too much. I created a folder "../development" and copied the site conntent to it. In the .htaccess I changed RewriteBase to  /development/.

Is there a manual somewhere - step by step - how to do it?

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So you not creating a new site to use for development for bug checks or testing but instead trying to create a clone of your main site?  That can be more difficult and it has been a while since I did one.  What I do remember is using the information below to change the location of the new folder as well as creating a new named clone database and adding that location/New Name/password/username.

So you also have to go into the new folder and change the server.sett.php file and change the folder location/name and the new database information.

Look under the paragraph called "To Change Your Website Files to Use the New Domain" for more information.


Then I downloaded a zip file of all the files in the new folder and in dreamweaver I would do a find and see if there is any hard coded area that would have mydomain.com.  There was area a long time ago where the install actually put domain url in the code.  I don't think they do that anymore but you should check anyways and if you find a place then add your folder name at the end of the url in the code.  Also, I would search the entire database as well for your domain name url and again change url to include your folder at the end.

Again, it has been awhile since I wanted to clone my site.  Now I just to a empty development site which is the same as the link above but you put a new install zip file in the new folder and run the install phpfox documentation without searching all the files or database for your url of your domain.


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