I am using Version 4.8.9  ..   Is there some reason I cannot seem to link the URL for a photo sitting on the site and which I uploaded to the site into  the info page when I create it in either the pages app or the group app?

If when creating the info page  I use either the included wysiwyg editor or use separate html  'img src' code with the URL for the photo in the photo section of the website  it just becoms a broken link.

However, if I load a photo to a different directory on my website created just for photos I can in fact link to them and have them be embedded.


Am I missing a setting?


Terry Mitchell

Last update on July 26, 2022 by TorontoGuy.
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Yes, GROUPS and PAGES where most users are brought together are behind even though it was indicated to us that once they became APPS, they would be able to update them faster without updating PhpFox entirely.  You also can't add images to BLOCKS and MENU PAGES in GROUPS and PAGES as well.  Although, you can add them in other areas like BLOGS and EVENTS.  It is sad since it is the same code used in those other areas I pointed out above.  I open a bug issue over a year ago.


Thank you John Jr...  I'm glad it is not just me...




Good day all,

Thank you for sharing this problem. We are sorry that phpFox does not support inserting images for Pages and Groups at the moment. However, this improvement is on our list and it will be considered in our future updates.
Have a great day and stay safe.

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