I am using the mobile apps and the story feature is a common used feature in most social applications now. The vendors who sell on the phpFox store are not ready to make their story module compatible with the mobile apps and my users prefer to use the mobile apps than the website and most prefer to share story status that will disappear after 24 hours to sharing it on their feed. For a big product like phpFox, this ought to have been added both for the website and mobile apps without it being dependent on other vendors. 

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It's never gonna happen... I contacted them once about this and I was told they would develop it for 20,000 $$ bro I can have an app built from scratch for 10k so that's pretty crazy. 

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Hi All,

I would like to inform you guys that the feature Story will be implemented in V5 which will be launched very soon. Regarding adding this feature in V4, this improvement is on our list and it will be considered in our future updates. I also thank you guys for sharing your thoughts, it will help our platform better day by day.

Have a great day ahead and stay safe.


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