Hi Everyone.

  Well, I'm dumbfounded...  

I've created a private group within my website using V4.8.10 and for the life of me I can't figure out how someone is supposed to be able to join the private group.

I can't see anywhere to mention it, invite someone, or anything else that would allow me to add a member to the group or for that matter to invite one.

Obviously I am too dumb to figure this one out...

Can someone please help me...


Thank you



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It hasn't worked correctly for a while, at least for an invite-only community.  But it could have issues even without the invite-only community.  I actually removed the email invite area under the invite tabs of private groups because if you are not a member of the site it sends you a link to the group page which of course you can't get to since you are not a member of the site.  Which is very confusing to a new member who doesn't know what the hell is going on.  Then even if you send them an invite to the site through the main invite tab and they join and a member of the website and click on that link in the original private group invite it comes up with Item/Section Privacy.  Also, because it is private they can't search for it (which is correct because it is private).  I just gave up on it and remove the whole group email invite and let them use the above area under the group invite where it allows you to invite your friends already to the group.  Though Groups and Pages are the main features to bring in new bad it doesn't work correctly.

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Hello Terry,  Hi John !

Im using 4.8.10 too, so i did the test to create a private group and after creating it, went to this group main page;  there is a gear icon to the right where you can manage several options.  The 5th tab is "invite", there you can invite the members you want to include in your private group.

Hope this helps :grinning: